Seattle Tennis Club Renovation


Seattle Tennis Club recently completed an expansion and renovation of their historic Madison Park facility located on the shores of Lake Washington. The club’s landscape has always served as a vital ingredient to the enjoyment of members and guests. The transformative renovation included improvements to the indoor court building, the north event lawn, and a new 5,000-square-foot addition to the pro shop building with a rooftop terrace that offers amazing views of the club, the lake and the Cascade mountain range.

Set into the hillside, the pro shop is accessed by a curving pathway that transitions along a 30-foot grade from the parking lot entrance to the lake. From atop the hillside, the green roofs on the terrace seem to blend in with the hill.

Stormwater management is integral to the building addition and site functionality. An interdisciplinary design approach to Green Stormwater Infrastructure involving the contractor, architect, landscape architect, civil engineer and structural engineer addressed the steep topography to creatively manage all stormwater on the site. Rainwater is filtered through a green roof, while rain that falls on the second-floor terrace is directed to a series of beautifully planted bio-retention planters that become both infrastructure and character-defining design elements.

The north lawn has hosted generations of weddings and celebrations but was previously difficult to maneuver. Now it is easily accessed by a short pathway just beyond the stair landing that opens to the broad, renovated lawn spanning the water’s edge. Here a native beach sits above a new bulkhead that protects the steep shoreline from erosion in hopes of someday hosting salmon. The circular stroll passes by the beach offering a sunny collection of Adirondack chairs to rest and take in the quintessential view on the way back to the lower courts.

In addition to defining a cohesive palette of plant materials, paving types, site furnishings, and architectural elements, special layout recommendations and passageways blend with and add to the compelling and enjoyable experience that is unique to the Seattle Tennis Club.




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