Riverfront Park Metal Wall Studies

Bringing big Steel back to Riverfront Park

Big Steel is a study investigating how to bring big steel back to Riverfront Park as a design element through researching past and present steel bridges; scale, material and assembly.

At Riverfront Park, we strive to honor the Spokane vernacular through a careful analysis of materials and assemblies present in the region; using that analysis to inform our material selections and designed elements.  One piece of this built vocabulary of elements which we’ve identified as lacking in the park is what we call ‘Big Steel’.  This study is the result of our research looking at steel bridges, in terms of scale, material and assembly.  We are bringing ‘Big Steel’ back to the park in a meaningful way with elements that work hard to support the program, are on a personal scale that people can touch and relate to, while also help to accomplish strategic goals such as retention of trees, allowing accessible pathway grading, making stormwater management visible, and including provisions for seating.

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