Sign Garden

Working to realize the dream of Sign Garden!

Inspired as a wonderful offshoot of the Market to MOHAI corridor, we propose Sign Garden as a way to celebrate iconic signs that are part of our cultural identity.

Our passion for reimagining old treasures and our general fetish for ANYTHING related to signage led to the dream of Sign Garden. This dream is an offshoot of our work on the Market to MOHAI corridor. Signs are special icons, typically initiated to promote a commercial venture … signs become personal landmarks in our lives, quickly losing their commercial meanings and taking on personal ones, landmarks tied to our community culture and personal memories.

Sign Garden is a proposed collaboration with MOHAI to curate the collection of Seattle landmarks from the past and initiate new, forward-looking cultural icons, not merely in a co-located location, but outside and accessible as intended, seen from afar AND experienced at a human scale, with the signs, lights, and movement ever varying to play off one another as a singular performance and experience. And who doesn’t love a pink elephant!

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