Island Edge Residence

Bainbridge Island, WA

Spanning over 12 acres, this estate covers a diversity of site conditions, including open meadows, wetlands, mature second-growth forest, and a high bluff waterfront. Central to the landscape experience was a new entry road and trail system leading visitors through the property, making arrival a journey through the diverse site and special elements of the landscape. The end destination is an iconic northwest residence on the edge of the woods. Two differing landscapes frame the experience immediately around the house. The landscape to the east focuses on the arrival experience from the woods, with simple plantings leading to an understated entry. To the west, house and landscape make bold gestures through architecture, terraces and gardens toward unimpeded views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains beyond. The home itself ties both sides together and includes a water feature which emanates from the entry, moving calmly to the woods on the east and dramatically westward through a series of falls and scuppers. In addition to the visitor entry, a second entry was designed for more direct access for the owners, support staff and deliveries, but screened from impacting the architectural and landscape experience. A seamless merging of dramatic views, bold architecture, and a site rich in nature provides a comfortable and highly functional estate for family and guests alike.

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