Gribbles and Stair Steps on the Waterfront


There are 156 steps connecting the waterfront to downtown according to the recently installed 12-foot-tall wayfinding sign for the Seattle Waterfront. The signs were developed as part of the navigation and storytelling for Waterfront Seattle, working with Michael Horsham (of Tomato, London, UK) and will be curated to change over the several years of construction until the vision of the waterfront is realized! The frightening creature visible on the west facing side is a Gribble, the menacing isopod nibbling away at the seawall and piers. The cutest of waterfront critters, a sea otter, tops the east facing side leading visitors to the Seattle Aquarium. A special luminescent material ensures the sign is bright and viewable during low light days and nights. Look for many more signs to pop up over the coming months.



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